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Scotiabank Arena » section 317

La section 317 est identifiée avec: zone de double tir de l'équipe jouant à domicile
Les places sont identifiées ici avec: a une vue obstruée sur le tableau des scores est rembourré
  • Scotiabank Arena, section: 317, rangée: 19, siège: 21-22
    Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors
    I got these tickets for the NBA finals as everything was super expensive. Not a bad spot as view isn’t very obstructed, only the top of the screen. Standing room only.
  • Scotiabank Arena, section: 317, rangée: 16, siège: 14
    Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets
    Not horrible seats if you just want to enjoy the atmosphere of the game, can be hard to see players. It's also kind of an awkward spot with the wall to your right. We scouted our seats in the lower bowl and moved up during halftime.
  • anonyme vue de la place 1 étoiles hockey
    Scotiabank Arena, section: 317, rangée: 12x, siège: 11 and 12
    Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings