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  • Pabst Theater, section: LT, rangée: E, siège: 1
    Couldn't see some of stage right, but otherwise good seats
  • Pabst Theater, section: 1CT, rangée: W, siège: 13
    The Musical Box tour: Selling England by the Pound
  • Pabst Theater, section: 1RT, rangée: F, siège: 10
    The Musical Box tour: Selling England By The Pound
  • Pabst Theater, section: 2RT, rangée: E, siège: 1
    The Pabst is a great compact venue. Really good view of stage and band from this seat. Row E is the top of this section, so no one right behind you, and some room for storage under your seat. It is a bit steep here; those that have difficulty with steps will have to take extra care.