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Section 111

1ShaniaFan Jul 5, 2021

Horrible. A fast ball broke through the protective netting and came a centimeter away from hitting myself/child and the lady in front of me and her child. Yes we were paying attention but this facility puts cheap netting up that easily breaks. It is hazardous to sit in this area. Never again. So grateful no one got hurt.

1vue de la place 1 étoiles
1ShaniaFan Jun 20, 2021

Excellent seats. At noon, this is the first row that is fully shaded.

5vue de la place 5 étoiles
1ShaniaFan Jun 13, 2021

These seats are almost dead center. Nice and shaded even in the afternoon.

5vue de la place 5 étoiles

Section 108

swinzeler May 8, 2019

Home team dugout is on first baseline at this stadium

5vue de la place 5 étoiles

Section Berm

r8r_Josh702 Apr 29, 2019

Not a lot of shade for day games. Great for families but don't forget to bring a beach towel or blanket to lay on the grass/ mark your seated area. Great view of the outfield and high possibility area for home runs. Alcohol/ concessions are very close. Kids splash pad area are very close.

3vue de la place 3 étoiles

Section 104

tamsk98 Apr 22, 2019

A bit far from the action, but shaded from around rows M-Q

3vue de la place 3 étoiles