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Road Show

  • Mainstage at the New York City Center, section: Grand Tier L, rangée: B, siège: 19
    Road Show
    The photo is a bit deceptive, as the bar really should not block your view. Great value seat if you want to be able to see the actors' faces. Be forewarned: Much of the downstage right corner and all of upstage right is blocked from view by the proscenium, which can be problematic for dance shows. Because most Encores! shows have the orchestra stationed upstage, the sight lines for these musicals shouldn't be too bad. Wouldn't recommend sitting in either seat to the left of this seat. Final note: The seating in this theater is such that if you lean forward, it'll partially block the view of the person behind you. From past experience, City Center patrons are not shy about letting you know if this happens during a show.