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  • Herbst Theatre At Wright State University, section: General Admission
    Into The Woods , Into The Woods
    Black box theater with varying seat configurations; no bad seat in the house
  • Barrington Stage Company, section: Mezzanine, rangée: BB Left
    Into The Woods
    Great view of stage from the mezzanine
  • Hollywood Bowl, section: P3, rangée: 7, siège: 37
    Into The Woods
    Good but the Bowl is infested the loud talkers who can't shut their holes. Especially entitled insufferable parents. They f up everything. The worst!
  • Hollywood Bowl, section: M2, rangée: 7, siège: 101
    Into The Woods
  • Hollywood Bowl, section: M2, rangée: 7, siège: 101
    Into the Woods , Weekend Spectacular
  • Hollywood Bowl, section: J2, rangée: 13, siège: 23
    Into the Woods
    pretty good seats, close view of screens, uncomfortable sitting though

  • Publicité
  • The Town Hall, section: Balcony, rangée: K, siège: 34
    Into The Woods
  • Ford's Theatre, section: Balcony, rangée: F, siège: 10
    Into the Woods
    This seat should have been advertised as a "partial view seat." Any action on the stage (to my right) was not seen or only partially seen. The pole was less obstructive than the balcony.
  • The Kennedy Center Eisenhower Theater, section: Balcony, rangée: C, siège: 9
  • Winspear Opera House, section: ORC C, rangée: R, siège: 17
    Into The Woods
    Great seats. Tip: Row C has double the leg room.
  • Berlind Theatre, section: Floor 1, rangée: J, siège: 12
    Into the Woods
    Small theatre, so great seats all around.
  • Berlind Theatre, section: Floor1, rangée: J, siège: 14
    Into The Woods