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Full on Forsythe

  • Citizens Bank Opera House, section: LORCLV, rangée: I, siège: 35
    Full on Forsythe
    This is a great area to see dance up close, without paying top price. Action on the extreme left will be missed, but you get to peak behind the curtains on the right. Exits are quick because its the side closest to the main exit of the Opera House. You'll be close to first in line for the bathroom at intermission. This close you may not appreciate the patterns the dancers make on the entire stage, but you can hear the dancers breath, see their expressions and be amazed by their technique.
  • anonyme vue de la place 5 étoiles theater
    Citizens Bank Opera House, section: ROBXLV, rangée: E, siège: 50
    Full on Forsythe , Boston Ballet
    Best kept secret of tickets at this beautiful venue!! There is some limited views but overall wonderful!!!!