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  • The Town Hall, section: Loge 12, rangée: 2, siège: 4
    Julien Baker tour: Turn Out the Lights Tour
    Small seats, rows are close together (front to back). Theater is VERY small, so you have a great view of the whole stage and are very close. I could hear the guitar strums and pedal clicks without amplification! Balcony is much further back, so if you can get these Loge seats for a reasonable price, go for it!
  • Orpheum Theater (New York), section: Orchestra, rangée: B, siège: 9
    Excellent seats right up front with a full view of the stage. So loud (and isn't that the point?) and so close. Only concessions in this very small theater is bottled water. If you buy a cheap seat on a not-busy weeknight, you might get moved up here (that's what happened to me!)
  • Orpheum Theater (New York), section: Orchestra, rangée: U, siège: 8
    Here's a tip: buy this seat for cheap on a weeknight. There probably won't be a big crowd and you'll probably get moved to the front. I don't know how this seat was for the actual show because that's what happened to me. Felt pretty far away, and the balcony hangs pretty low in front of you. Only concession in this very small theater is bottled water.
  • Barclays Center, section: 212, rangée: 12, siège: 1
    Paul McCartney tour: One On One Tour
    Not as far away as it seems, but still pretty far. Sound isn't great from this distance, but it's fine for a bigger tour. Great straight-ahead view of the whole stage, and it's lower than the seats at this level on the sides. Concessions are close-ish, but lines get long as they shut down most of them during the show. They also leave some overhead lighting in this section on during the whole show, so it doesn't really get "dark" -- kind of ruins the atmosphere. Fine seats if you can get them for cheap, but would recommend being lower or closer if you can.
  • David H. Koch Theater, section: 1st Ring, rangée: B, siège: 26
    Swan Lake
    Great view of most of the stage. Seats are a little far over to the right side, so you miss a bit of action on that side of the stage, blocked by the curtain. This seat is in the second row, so you may have a little bit of someone's head in the way if they're tall or you're short, but not much. Overall great seats and closer than they seem.
  • Shubert Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, rangée: C, siège: 3
    Hello, Dolly!
    Awesome seats with a full view of the stage. Concessions up just a few rows.

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  • Citi Field, section: 137, rangée: 17, siège: 16
    New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers
    Great outfield seats for the price (cheapest in the park when we bought them). Plenty of concessions close by, under cover.
  • Red Bull Arena (New Jersey), section: 223, rangée: 13, siège: 20
    USMNT vs Costa Rica
    Great seats will full view of the field (this photo doesn't show the full view). You're in the corner and fairly high up, but it doesn't feel too far away.
  • Neil Simon Theatre, section: Front Mezzanine C, rangée: C, siège: 105
    Full view of entire stage. Small theater, so you are still very close. The seats themselves are a little small and close together (side to side and close to the row in front of you.) Overall, great seats, especially if you can get discounted tickets.