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  • Budweiser Gardens, section: 306, rangée: H, siège: 5
    Michael Buble tour: An Evening With Michael Buble
    Viewing of the screens were obscured by lighting apparatus. Very far distance to be able to see anything clearly. Seats are padded. There are no real bars to hold on to making it difficult for older people as incline of seating can't be a bit dizzy
  • Scotiabank Arena, section: 103, rangée: 26, siège: 5
    Arkells tour: Rally Cry Tour
    Minimal leg room for some one over 6"3. Centre view and unobstructed
  • Budweiser Gardens, section: Flr 3, rangée: B, siège: 12
    Bryan Adams tour: Shine A Light Tour
    Even with priority seating at this venue the seating the rows are extremely close together and not meant for bigger people. (6'4 325 lbs) but the stage view and the fact I was standing the entire time was a save.
  • Budweiser Gardens, section: A, rangée: 1, siège: 3
    Metric/Smashing Pumpkins tour: The Smashing Pumpkins.. Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour.
    I just over three hours and 15 minutes with no breaks the smashing pumpkins brought to the stage everything you would have expected and more. Billy Corgan stage presence was mine blowing to say the least.. Definitely a show to add to your concert experience without question
  • Scotiabank Arena, section: 101, rangée: 8, siège: 1
    Lana Del Rey
    View was an obstructed but far from stage. Seating is very cramped with no leg room For plus size person 6foot3inch. Also no exit from one man to see you have to pass by 12 seats to use facilities or get drinks
  • Scotiabank Arena, section: 306, rangée: 12, siège: 24
    Guns N' Roses tour: Not In This Lifetime... Tour