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  • Her Majesty's Theatre, section: Stalls, rangée: S, siège: 36
    The Phantom Of The Opera
    Back row, lots of leg room. Pillar on the left that did block out some of the performance. The overhang from the circle also restricted some of the performance that was above the stage resulting in only feet being seen.
  • Palace Theatre (Manchester), section: Stalls, rangée: O, siège: 9
    Blood Brothers
    Ladies toilets at the end of this row, gents a few rows down
  • Albert Halls Bolton, section: Stalls, rangée: K, siège: 22
    Clinton Baptiste
  • Manchester Opera House, section: Circle, rangée: B, siège: 28
    Bat Out Of Hell
    Great seat, and there's a great height difference between the seat in front. This show uses a lot of height too so being higher up was great
  • St. Martins Theatre, section: Stalls, rangée: M, siège: 15
    The Mousetrap
    There was nobody in front of me for the first half but there was in the 2nd half and view was still very good