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  • King Power Stadium, section: Sk3, rangée: FF, siège: 97
    Leicester City FC vs Arsenal FC
  • The Hawthorns, section: A6, rangée: N, siège: 69
    West Bromwich Albion FC vs Leicester City F.C.
    Too low. Too close to home fans. Is fine if you like that kinda thing
  • Etihad Stadium (Manchester), section: 114, rangée: Z, siège: 377
    Manchester City FC vs Leicester City F.C.
    Not too bad of a view. Pretty boring ground though.
  • Boleyn Ground, section: STBL3, rangée: BB, siège: 69
    West Ham United F.C. vs Leicester City F.C.
    Extremely hot and uncomfortable. Be further forward if a warm day. Middle of winter prob not too bad. Is a shit whole. Good job they're moving.
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 113, rangée: 44, siège: 41
    England vs Switzerland
    Very good. However would recommend few rows down. This is right at the back was okay but got a slight roof above where the advertising boards go around. Still great view.

  • Publicité
  • Villa Park, section: T1, rangée: C, siège: 9
    Aston Villa vs Leicester City
  • King Power Stadium, section: SK3, rangée: FF, siège: 97
    Leicester City FC vs Doncaster Rovers
  • White hart Lane, section: 45, rangée: 5, siège: 187
    Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City FC
    Near stairs but safety barrier there so have to go around.