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  • New Amsterdam Theatre, bloc: Mezzanine R, rangée: FF, place: 4
    Great seat! Had amazing view of the stage (aisle seat in row EE was empty, but even if it was occupied I think it would be a good view)
  • New Amsterdam Theatre, bloc: Mezzanine R, rangée: FF, place: 2
    Great seat! On aisle and had an excellent view of the stage
  • Winter Garden Theatre, bloc: Orchestra R, rangée: M, place: 4
    The Music Man
    Very good seat, 1 in from aisle (seat M2 is aisle). Slight angle to stage so heads in front rarely blocked actors (and a great view of Hugh Jackman when he made his appearance onstage)
  • Ambassador Theatre, bloc: Front Mezzanine R, rangée: B, place: 2
    Excellent seat! On aisle and due to the way the seats are arranged there's not really anyone in front so there's a perfect view of the stage (note though the woman in the seat next to mine had to keep moving her head to see around the tall guy in front of her)
  • Gershwin Theatre, bloc: Front Mezzanine C, rangée: B, place: 115
    Amazing seat! Almost center of the stage, and there's a good rake so the people in front didn't block anything
  • Lena Horne Theatre, bloc: Rear Mezzanine LC, rangée: E, place: 115
    Perfect seat! Great view of the stage and on the aisle. Only issue was footspace is smaller so needed to step into aisle to let people pass

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  • Paper Mill Playhouse, bloc: Orchestra R, rangée: R, place: 10
    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
    Very good seat, the theatre has a good rake so no issues with heads blocking the view
  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), bloc: Mezzanine C, rangée: A, place: 109
    A Christmas Carol
    Great seat! In the first row, center of the mezzanine
  • The Irish Repertory Theater, bloc: Balcony, rangée: C, place: 107
    London Assurance
    In the Francis Greenburger main stage - Pretty good seat, front of stage only slightly blocked by heads the rest of the view is great. Seat seems to be right under a vent, it was a bit cool
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, bloc: Mezzanine C, rangée: H, place: 110
    Moulin Rouge
    The seat was good, but the heads of the people in the row in front occasionally blocked the view, and given the ticket prices this brought down my rating. Otherwise. A great view of the stage and amazing scenery, though I missed a little bit of the dancers when they were on the cat walk
  • American Airlines Theatre, bloc: Rear Mezzanine, rangée: E, place: 111
    The Rose Tattoo
    Very nice seat, able to see everything on the stage. The view was not blocked by any heads in front or by the bar
  • Playhouse 46 at St. Luke's, bloc: Orch, rangée: G, place: 1
    A Musical About Star Wars
    Really good seat, right behind a step up so no issues with heads in the way, and on the aisle

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  • Westside Theatre Upstairs, bloc: Orchestra L, rangée: B, place: 11
    The left-most seat in the row. An ok view of the stage but the seat next to it (B 9) had issues with the person in Row A blocking a lot
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, bloc: Orchestra C, rangée: K, place: 119
    King Kong
    Pretty good seat, not much trouble with heads blocking the view
  • Marquis Theatre, bloc: Mezzanine L, rangée: D, place: 1
    Great seat! On the aisle, nothing blocked my view, even the railing just barely covered the stage so it didn't impact my view at all
  • Studio 54, bloc: Front Mezzanine C, rangée: DD, place: 101
    Kiss Me, Kate
    Great seat, able to see the stage perfectly. It's pretty steep here though, and the railing is on the other side of the aisle
  • Laura Pels Theatre, bloc: Rear Mezz, rangée: CC, place: 2
    Merrily We Roll Along
    A pretty good seat - the row in front only blocked my view of what was going on on the stage when the actors were at the very front of the stage
  • Nederlander Theatre, bloc: Orchestra C, rangée: L, place: 104
    Pretty Woman
    Good center seat, was able to see everything. If there's a tall person in front they might block part of view
  • Beacon Theatre, bloc: Loge C, rangée: D, place: 108
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Great Seat! In the center with a nice view of the stage. Unfortunately I had a tall person on front of me and that blocked it a little
  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), bloc: Mezzanine R, rangée: G, place: 2
    Be More Chill
    I was pleasantly surprised by the seat. It's towards the back of the mezzanine but has a great view of the stage and is on the aisle
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