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  • Citizens Bank Park, section: 322, rangée: 3, siège: 12
    Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta Braves
    Great breezy July night for a ballgame!!!
  • Yankee Stadium, section: 229, rangée: 5, siège: 16
    New York Yankees vs Houston Astros
  • Yankee Stadium, section: 214a, rangée: 17, siège: 9
    New York Yankees vs Minnesota Twins
    Gorgeous Day for baseball
  • Yankee Stadium, section: 420B, rangée: 4, siège: 16
    New York Yankees vs Cleveland Indians
    Jorge Posada Day at Yankee Stadium. August 22, 2015
  • Yankee Stadium, section: Party City Suite, rangée: C, siège: 4
    New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays
    Perfect weather for a Yankees game.
  • Yankee Stadium, section: 112, rangée: 14, siège: 15
    New York Yankees vs Seattle Mariners
    Gorgeous night to open up the second half of the 2015 season!!
  • T-Mobile Park, section: 124, rangée: 32, siège: 5
    Seattle Mariners vs Detroit Tigers
    Awesome day for a ballgame. 1st time at Safeco!
  • Citi Field, section: 418, rangée: 1, siège: 2
    New York Mets vs Washington Nationals
    Awesome day for a ballgame in early May!
  • Citi Field, section: 325, rangée: 1, siège: 4
    New York Mets vs Philadelphia Phillies
    Great vantage point for game!
  • Kauffman Stadium, section: 130, rangée: K, siège: 6
    Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants
    Beautiful Stadium...great night for a baseball game in the Midwest. Royals beat the Giants 5-0.
  • Busch Stadium, section: 252, rangée: 7, siège: 11
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Boston Red Sox
    In the Redbird Club waiting out a rain delay
  • Yankee Stadium, section: 104, rangée: 18, siège: 20
    New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers
  • Yankee stadium, section: 114b, rangée: 20, siège: 4
    New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays
    Paul O'Neill Bobblehead Day
  • Yankee stadium, section: 114b, rangée: 20, siège: 4
    Yankees vs Blue Jays
    Paul O'Neill Bobblehead Day
  • Yankee Stadium, section: BES3, rangée: 2, siège: 10
    New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Awesome View
  • Guaranteed Rate Field, section: 116, rangée: B, siège: 11
    Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indians
    The longest 9 inning game doubleheader in MLB history!
  • Miller Park, section: 117, rangée: 7, siège: 11
    Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubs
    Gorgeous night for a ballgame in Milwaukee
  • Wrigley Field, section: 116, rangée: 12, siège: 9
    Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros
    A beautiful day in the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field!!
  • Yankee Stadium, section: 420c, rangée: 3, siège: 11
    New York Yankees vs Oakland Athletics
  • Angel Stadium, section: F108, rangée: B, siège: 10
    Los Angeles Angels vs Seattle Mariners
    August 10, 2012
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