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  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: Orchestra LC, rangée: R, siège: 101-103
    Center aisle, great for overall view of stage. 3-5 rows foward would be the best seats in the house but would cost a lot more!
  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: Orchestra LC, rangée: D, siège: 117-119
    Up close, near center, slightly low, but great for those who like to see actor expressions.
  • Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco), section: Orchestra L, rangée: D, siège: 1-3
    Far left and up close, a little low and partially obstructed, but Seat 1 is on the aisle. Great for those who like to see facial expressions.
  • Golden 1 Center, section: 105, rangée: EE, siège: 1
    Twenty One Pilots tour: The Bandito Tour
    Super happy! So close and on the aisle. Only 4 seats in this row of this section.
  • SAP Center, section: 116, rangée: 5, siège: 1
    Fall Out Boy tour: MANIA Tour
    Close and on the aisle. Great seats!
  • SF Masonic Auditorium, section: FLR 2, rangée: 1, siège: 1
    Erasure tour: World Be Gone Tour
    Small venue, great seats, one step up from the floor. Added bonus, shelf for drinks right in front.

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  • SAP Center, section: 101, rangée: 10, siège: 22
    Panic! At The Disco tour: Pray For The Wicked Tour
    Awesome lower level prime seats
  • SAP Center, section: 203, rangée: 9, siège: 1
    Panic! At The Disco tour: Pray For the Wicked Tour
    For upper level, this seat offered a great unobstructed view due to being on the aisle.
  • Oakland Arena, section: 219, rangée: 3, siège: 4
    Panic! at the Disco tour: Death of A Bachelor Tour
    For nosebleed seats, these were as close to the stage as you can get. Side view, but lots of action.
  • Oakland Arena, section: 126, rangée: 11, siège: 1
    Ed Sheeran tour: Divide Tour
    Although from the side, the view was unobstructed and very close! Awesome!
  • SAP Center, section: 128, rangée: 12, siège: 18
    Twenty One Pilots tour: Emotional Roadshow World Tour
    Great close-up seats from the side! 1 star deducted for the speaker on stage obscuring the view of Tyler on the piano :(.