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  • Mountaineer Field, section: 122, rangée: 15, siège: 120
    West Virginia Mountaineers vs Towson Tigers
    Lower bowl seats 15 rows back from the field. Directly next to senior section. Bench seats. 12:00 PM games are not in the shade.
  • Busch Stadium, section: 449, rangée: 2, siège: 6
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs
    First time at Busch! Section 449 provides an outstanding view of the St. Louis arch. Seat is also under an awning. Beautiful view!
  • Paycor Stadium, section: 303, rangée: 1, siège: 6
    Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals
    First row of 303. Section closest to the Ohio River. Have to take a lot of stairs/escalators to get here.
  • Great American Ball Park, section: 133, rangée: F, siège: 7
    Cincinnati Reds vs Baltimore Orioles
    Five rows back from the field. Netting is in front but really doesn't obstruct the view. Good seats if you want to be close to the action on the field.
  • PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation, section: GA
    Mayday Parade tour: Sad Summer Festival
    Standing room in the inside section of Ovation. Very nice venue that has great food and drink options, ADA seating, and an outdoor section. Outstanding venue!
  • Great American Ball Park, section: 433, rangée: D, siège: 12
    Cincinnati Reds vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Perfect view from up top! Reds won due to balk by Wisler of the Rays.

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  • PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation, section: GA
    Death Cab For Cutie tour: Asphalt Meadows Tour
    Death Cab opened their latest tour in Newport, KY! The pit provides plenty of space to move around as a GA ticket holder. Outstanding and fairly new venue on the Cincinnati, OH border.
  • Great American Ball Park, section: 117, rangée: F, siège: 1
    Cincinnati Reds vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Front row behind the Rays dugout. Aisle seat and is padded. Day games are directly in the sun with no shade.
  • Citi Field, section: 534, rangée: 3, siège: 4
    New York Mets vs Seattle Mariners
    Seats are high up but still provides a good view of the field and scoreboard.
  • Great American Ball Park, section: 117, rangée: F, siège: 1
    Cincinnati Reds vs San Diego Padres
    First row directly behind the Padres dugout. Padded seat on the aisle. Tickets provide Scouts Club access.
  • Cintas Center, section: 111, rangée: B, siège: 1
    Xavier Musketeers vs Florida Gators
    Second row behind the UF bench for the second round NIT matchup. Outstanding seats! Intimate feel that puts you a few feet away from the court.
  • Nippert Stadium, section: 134, siège: 22
    Cincinnati Bearcats vs Michigan Wolverines
    Women’s lacrosse UC vs Michigan. Beautiful day in February! Bleacher seat, last row.

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  • Cintas Center, section: 103, rangée: S, siège: 4
    Xavier Musketeers vs UConn Huskies
    Ranked matchup between Xavier
  • Fifth Third Arena, section: 214, rangée: 30, siège: 11
    Cincinnati Bearcats vs Georgia Bulldogs
    This is the last row of the area. Pretty far from the court and a bleacher seat. Video boards help with being this high up.
  • Nippert Stadium, section: 108, rangée: 8, siège: 12
    Cincinnati Bearcats vs UCF Knights
    12 PM kickoff means the sun is behind you. By the end of the game, the sun was directly above us. Bleacher seats. Only a few rows back from the field.
  • Kroger Field, section: 13, rangée: 35, siège: 29
    Kentucky Wildcats vs Florida Gators
    Section 13 is in the heart of the visitor section. If they bring their band, it'll be loud. Bleachers seats so I would recommend bringing a pad to sit on.
  • Paycor Stadium, section: 304, rangée: 23, siège: 5
    Cincinnati Bengals vs Jacksonville Jaguars
    A view from high up during a Thursday night win for the Bengals! Seats are high and take a while to get up to.
  • The Andrew J Brady ICON Music Center, section: GA
    All Time Low tour: Side Summer Fest
    First time at the brand new ICON Center in Cincinnati! Indoor concert is amazing. Three levels of seating. General admission floor is plenty of comfortable with lots of space to move around.
  • Great American Ball Park, section: 522, rangée: G, siège: 13
    Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Dodgers
    A 1:10 PM game at GABP provides an outstanding view but in direct sunlight. Be sure to bring and hat and sunglasses for these seats.
  • TQL Stadium, section: 128, rangée: 17, siège: 1
    FC Cincinnati vs Toronto FC
    First game at TQL. Seat 1 is on the aisle underneath cover. A few rows back from the goal!
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