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  • Nationals Park, section: 100, rangée: C, siège: 14
    Washington Nationals vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Straight away left-center field, great for catching baseballs
  • Nationals Park, section: 129, rangée: CC, siège: 6
    Washington Nationals vs New York Mets
    Opening Day and the seats were great!!
  • Nationals Park, section: 107, rangée: X, siège: 4
    Washington Nationals vs New York Mets
    Could see everything, front row, came within feet of two home runs, and were really cheap on SeatGeek
  • Coors Field, section: 142, rangée: 10, siège: 9
    Colorado Rockies vs Houston Astros
  • Nationals Park, section: 242, rangée: A
    Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds
  • Nationals Park, section: 408, rangée: K, siège: 27
    Washington Nationals vs San Diego Padres

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  • Nationals Park, section: 404, rangée: K, siège: 4
    Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillies
    Could see everything!!!
  • FedEx Field, section: 430, rangée: 4, siège: 19
    Washington Redskins vs Denver Broncos
    Great seats!!! I could see everything that happened and the seat fit me and my dad!!!
  • Nationals Park, section: 230, rangée: W, siège: 11
    Washington Nationals vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Whenever the ball went into Center or Right Field, I couldn't see what happened
  • Capital One Arena, section: 100, rangée: M, siège: 3
    Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning
    Amazing seats!!!
  • Nationals Park, section: 241, rangée: G, siège: 2
    Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Dodgers
    Good seats except I got baked by the sun