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  • Winter Garden Theatre, section: Mezzanine LC, rangée: C, siège: 25
    Great seat!! You can see everything super clearly and no obstruction in the view. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Circle in the Square Theatre, section: Orchestra 100 (Odd), rangée: F, siège: 109
    It's a great seat in the theater, but the show itself isn't staged well for this part of the theater. Definitely recommend sitting on one of the sides for Oklahoma!! But for other shows, I'm sure this seat is amazing!
  • New Amsterdam Theatre, section: Orchestra C, rangée: U, siège: 115
    Great seat!! Got this as my random ticket for winning the lottery and it's perfect. The overhang doesn't obstruct the stage, you can see everything clear as day.
  • James Earl Jones Theatre, section: Balcony L, rangée: E, siège: 5
    King Lear
    Specifically for King Lear, there are entrances/exits through the audience that you won't be able to see from the balcony. Otherwise, decent view, though a tad far and a tad steep. Leg room is minimal at best.
  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre, section: Front Mezzanine C, rangée: D, siège: 106
  • Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, rangée: H, siège: 13
    The Ferryman
    Really great view, you can see the whole stage and nothing is obscured. It's one of the cheaper seats in the place and it's totally worth it. Leg room isn't terrible either.

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  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), section: Balcony R, rangée: C, siège: 10
    Be More Chill
    Solid view for a Balcony seat. You get a good view of the whole stage. The leg room is pretty tight though.
  • St. James Theatre, section: Orchestra C, rangée: A, siège: 110
    Present Laughter
    This is a VERY close seat. For people who are on the shorter side, this may be a tad too close. However, I'm 6'2 and I loved it. You could see everything up close and, while you may have to look up, its nothing that will break your neck.
  • Ambassador Theatre, section: Orchestra L, rangée: N, siège: 7
    Solid seat! I was initially hesitant to sit so far back in the orchestra but the overhang just stops right before the stage. You'll see everything from here, even if you're on the shorter side. If you can't get a center seat, this isn't a bad fallback.
  • August Wilson Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, rangée: D, siège: 5
    Groundhog Day
    Really great seat! Got this as an option for winning the lotto. Depending on who is in front of you, their head may slightly get in the way, as the seat elevation isn't stellar, but you'll most likely be fine. Definitely a recommended seat.