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  • The O2 Arena, section: Floor A3, rangée: P, siège: 47
    The Script tour: Jingle Bell Ball
    Great view of the stage from the right hand side. When artists walked the catwalk they were very close. This photo is taken of the main stage.
  • Anfield, section: CE5, rangée: 1, siège: 115
    Bon Jovi tour: This House Is Not For Sale Tour
    Perfect unobstructed view from the right hand side of the stage. Front row, with a low concrete wall in front for safety, due to this the leg room is restricted.
  • The O2 Arena, section: 107, rangée: H, siège: 224
    Ariana Grande tour: Sweetener World Tour
    Decent seat, made better because the stage had a catwalk which meant everything was closer for part of the show.
  • The O2 Arena, section: 412, rangée: D, siège: 721
    Liam Gallagher tour: Why Me? Why Not Tour
    Great centre view. Seats are tiered so even if someone stands in front of you, you can see over them. Not suitable for people with vertigo - very high and very steep seating.
  • Taylor Swift tour: Reputation Stadium Tour
    Perfect view of the whole stage, from the right hand side. Although seating is not tiered on the floor, this would be suitable for children / shorter people as it is so close to the stage.
  • Lucas Oil Stadium, section: Floor E, rangée: 33, siège: 29
    Taylor Swift tour: Reputation Stadium Tour
    Back row of floor section E. Excellent central view of the stage. Not suitable for children / shorter people.

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  • OVO Arena, Wembley, section: D3, rangée: 1, siège: 39
    Robbie Williams tour: Robbie Williams Christmas Party
    Front row seat behind the mixing desk. Mixing desk did not obstruct view. For this concert seating sections A-C were removed for standing room only. Section D was a raised a little higher than the area in front, so great view.
  • OVO Arena, Wembley, section: E2, rangée: A, siège: 49
    Robbie Williams tour: Robbie Williams Christmas Party
    There is too much space between D block and E block, this distance means people on the stage look like ants from this far back. This is probably supposed to be the start of tiered seating, but is on floor level.
  • The O2 Arena, section: Floor A3, rangée: A, siège: 47
    Taylor Swift tour: Jingle Bell Ball 2019
    Front row, the only people in front of this were the 20 or so in the standing section “jingle zone”