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  • Wembley Stadium, section: 106, rangée: 41, siège: 96
    Chelsea FC vs Liverpool FC
    FA Cup Final . Good view and just out of sun in shade.
  • Elland Road, section: B2, rangée: S, siège: 0035
    Leeds United vs Chelsea FC
    Dirty 0 Chelsea 3.Away section, decent view.
  • Santander Arena, section: 107, rangée: D, siège: 10
    Reading Royals vs Norfolk Admirals
    Good view. Close to action.
  • Goodison Park, section: LV3, rangée: 13, siège: 38
    Everton 1 vs Chelsea 0
    Away section. Good view. Last row in the front part of lower level .
  • Old Trafford, section: S229, rangée: 31, siège: 11
    Manchester United vs Chelsea FC
    Away Section.Good View. Diff entrance to other Away areasE230/31/32. but still next to them.
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 104, rangée: 11, siège: 62
    Chelsea FC vs Crystal Palace FC
    FA Cup Semi Final.Chelsea 2 Palace 0 . Good view .

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  • St Mary's Stadium, section: L, rangée: F, siège: 1143
    Southampton FC vs Chelsea FC
    Southampton 0 Chelsea 6. Away section. Good view 6 rows back.
  • Stade Pierre Mauroy, section: Away, rangée: 3, siège: 5
    Lille OSC vs Chelsea
    Away section stuck top corner in section behind a net !!. Europe teams treat us fans like [email protected] We give them respect in England.
  • Carrow Road, section: H, rangée: HH, siège: 56
    Norwich City vs Chelsea FC
    Norwich 1 Chelsea 3. Good View.
  • Kenilworth Road, section: B, rangée: 2, siège: 1
    Luton Town FC vs Chelsea FC
    Oak Road Stand. FA Cup 5th Round. 2-3 Chelsea.
  • Wembley Stadium, section: 113, rangée: 21, siège: 29
    Chelsea FC vs Liverpool FC
    Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0. 10-11 pens. Carabao Cup Final 2022.
  • Estadio do Dragao, section: S23, rangée: 24, siège: 5
    Chelsea FC 1 vs Manchester City FC 0
    Champions League Final May 29th 2021. Chelsea Section. Great view. Great Day. Champions of Europe Again.

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  • Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, section: W6, rangée: D, siège: 6
    Chelsea FC 2 vs Palmeiras 1
    Fifa Club World Cup Final. Chelsea Section. Good Stadium and view.
  • American Express Community Stadium, section: S1D, rangée: K, siège: 88
    Brighton & Hove Albion 1 vs Chelsea FC 1
    Away Section.Good View. 11 Rows Back.
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, section: 117, rangée: 10, siège: 545
    Tottenham Hotspur 0 vs Chelsea FC 1
    Away Section. Carabao Cup Semi Final. Homes Fans to left.
  • Stamford Bridge, section: Matthew Harding Lower, rangée: A, siège: 78
    Chelsea FC 5 vs Chesterfield F.C. 1
    FA Cup. Can almost touch net. In line with penalty spot. Feel like you are in goal its so close 😂
  • Villa Park, section: Q2, rangée: Q, siège: 51
    Aston Villa 1 vs Chelsea FC 3
    Away Section.Lower Tier .Good View.
  • Brentford Community Stadium, section: E216, rangée: 27, siège: 405
    Brentford FC 0 vs Chelsea FC 2
    Away Section. Good View. Aisle seat near Home Fans to left.
  • Molineux Stadium, section: JL10, rangée: B, siège: 275
    Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 vs Chelsea FC 0
    Away Section next to Home Fans. Decent view
  • Stamford Bridge, section: Shed End Lower 4, rangée: 2, siège: 122
    Chelsea FC 1 vs Manchester United 1
    Home Section next to Away Fans. If you are in this ,its normally My Seat ;-)
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