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Type d'évènement: tousbaseballthéâtre
  • Cadillac Palace Theater, section: BALCONY LC, rangée: E, siège: 312
    Not a lot of leg room, but pretty good seats. Can’t see the very front of the stage but doesn’t impact ability to see the show
  • Wrigley Field, section: 512, rangée: 1, siège: 6
    Chicago Cubs vs San Diego Padres
    Good view and room to stretch your legs out
  • Cadillac Palace Theater, section: ORCH-R, rangée: V, siège: 14
    A little far away, but great unobstructed view. Good leg room.
  • Oriental Theatre, section: BALC-C, rangée: J, siège: 307
    The Cher Show
    Not very much leg room, but good seats. It was a little far away, but could see the whole stage
  • Wrigley Field, section: 224, rangée: 12, siège: 105
    Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia Phillies
    Pole blocking home plate, but otherwise good seats
  • Chicago Theatre, section: MNFLR3R, rangée: G, siège: 320
    Wizard of Oz
    Good seats, a little far but could see the whole stage. Great leg room
  • Chicago Theatre, section: MNFLR3R, rangée: G, siège: 320
    Wizard of Oz
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Mezzanine L, rangée: C, siège: 5
    Great seats, could see all but the very edge of the stage. Leg room wasn't terrific
  • Cadillac Palace Theater, section: Orchestra C, rangée: M, siège: 105
    Beautiful: the Carole King Musical
    Great seats! I'm 6' tall and had plenty of leg room. Could see the entire stage.
  • Oriental Theatre, section: Balc-C, rangée: J, siège: 307
    Great view of the stage, could see everything going on. Leg room isn't ideal if you're tall; I was crammed in my seat
  • CIBC Theatre, section: Orchestra R, rangée: C, siège: 2
    Lottery seats, so I can't complain too much. It was great how close the actors were, but it was hard to see their feet. Also couldn't see the stage rotating
  • Wrigley Field, section: 236, rangée: 6, siège: 2
    Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers
    Great seats! A post was just behind us, so the view was completely unobstructed
  • Wrigley Field, section: 525, rangée: 9, siège: 2
    Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Slightly obstructed view of home plate, but overall great overall view of the field