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  • Hope Mill Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: F, place: 8
    Head Over Heels
    Very central and not too close to the stage. Really good view of everything going on. The seat was slightly uncomfortable.
  • Cadogan Hall, bloc: Stalls, rangée: F, place: 15
    Benjamin Rauhala tour: Ben Rauhala and Friends
    Right in the middle of the row this gives a great view of the stage. Also the acoustics in this venue are amazing.
  • First Direct Arena, bloc: 215, rangée: O, place: 20
    Florence and The Machine tour: Dance Fever Tour
    This seat is very central and whilst a long way back gives a great overall view.rnIt is also the final row before the sponsored boxes so that there is no-one directly behind you. This means you can stand up and dance without anyone complaining!
  • The Quarry Theatre at Leeds Playhouse, bloc: Stalls, rangée: F, place: 48
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Really good view of the stage and good leg room. This seat has a wall directly behind and due to the way the row bends, a slight gap on the left making space to put your coat! Excellent production as well.
  • Hope Mill Theatre, rangée: A, place: 2
    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
    It was probably a bit too close to the stage but a fabulous view of everything that was going on.
  • Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre, bloc: Brooklyn, rangée: F, place: 30
    Great seat with a brilliant view.rnThere were times when things were happening behind you and it was awkward to turn around. It might have been better to be slightly further back and higher up.rnStill brilliant though!

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  • Noël Coward Theatre, bloc: Royal Circle, rangée: A, place: 25
    Best of Enemies
    Fantastic seat on an aisle with a brilliant view of the stage.
  • Wyndham's Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: L, place: 10
    Life of Pi
    This is obstructed due to the overhang but it only obscures for a short time in the first half. You don't miss anything important. Comfortable too, and fairly average leg room.rnFor a slightly cheaper price, this is a good seat.
  • Grand Opera House, York, bloc: Stalls, rangée: K, place: 16
    The Cher Show
    Great view - but the seats are really uncomfortable.
  • Criterion Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: L, place: 12
    2:22 A Ghost Story
    Quite a way back but still a good view of the stage.rnVery little raking on the stalls so you sometimes had to look round the person in front.
  • City Varieties Music Hall, bloc: Stalls, rangée: G, place: 8
    Maisie Adam
    Great view of stage but not a lot of leg room
  • Prince Edward Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: E, place: 33
    Mary Poppins
    Great seat - slightly off to one side which meant a slightly obstructed view of some things on the far left.rnHowever really close and great view.

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  • Charing Cross Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: W, place: 6
    Really good seat, even though it was a long way back. This isn't a very big theatre, so it is still really easy to see all of the show.rnVery comfy seat too!
  • Theatre Royal Drury Lane, bloc: Stalls, rangée: R
    Jeremy Jordan
    Good seat - quite a way back but still a clear view of the stage with no obstructions.
  • Palace Theatre (Manchester), bloc: Stalls, rangée: H, place: 25
    Sister Act
    This is a really good seat. The theatre has raked seating so this row is higher than those in front giving a great view over the heads of those in front. It is really central too with reasonable leg room.
  • Prince Edward Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: N, place: 24
    Mary Poppins
    Good seat with excellent view. Not great legroom, but OK.
  • Lyttleton at the National Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: L, place: 20
    The Corn is Green
    Really good view of the stage but the seats are really uncomfortable - they could do with some padding!
  • Apollo Victoria Theatre, bloc: Stalls, rangée: Q, place: 24
    A little way back but very central with a great view. The seats were on an aisle across the theatre so had lots of leg room.
  • Grand Opera House, York, bloc: Dress Circle, rangée: C, place: 17
    Johannes Radebe: Freedom
    Excellent view of the stage and loads of extra leg room. Great Seat. Only problem - the theatre is exceptionally hot!
  • The Courtyard Theatre at Leeds Playhouse, bloc: Stalls, rangée: F, place: 7
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    Excellent seat with brilliant view of the stage.rnNo obstructions at all.
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