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  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, section: Mezzanine C, rangée: D, siège: 105
    Moulin Rouge
    Horrible seat for Moulin Rouge! A good portion of the show is done on the apron - this seat misses all that action. What little you can see is quickly blocked by all the rows in front of you as they lean in to see. Show is meant to see from orchestra
  • Ambassador Theatre, section: Orchestra C, rangée: F, siège: 108
    Amazing seat
  • Gershwin Theatre, section: Orchestra C, rangée: DD, siège: 107
    This seat is too close to the stage. I should have known better when I purchased (I've seen this show before). The best row for this show are about Row B.
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, section: Orchestra C, rangée: U, siège: 111
    Amazing seat! The front of the Orchestra section is pretty flat plane - then a higher rise - more stadium style for the back of the Orchestra - so this is an ideal seat!
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, section: Box Left, rangée: 1, siège: 3
    This was a great seat - especially for the price ! The only area of the stage I was missing was the violin and cello player. It was a very great seat!