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  • Pearl Theater, section: Box 311, rangée: C, siège: 3
    Il Divo tour: Timeless Tour
    Can't see full stage and screen in the back. Big screens block part of view of stage
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, section: Rear Mezzanine LC, rangée: 101-114
    King Kong
    Good seats, not great. Depends who sits in front of you. We had 3 seats and one seat had an obstructed view the whole time because a tall person was sitting two rows in front of us. Luck of the draw sitting back here but if you don't have a tall person than the view is pretty good.
  • Majestic Theatre, section: Rear Mezzanine R, rangée: A, siège: 2
    The Phantom Of The Opera
    Great view for the $, If you are tall there isn't much legroom as there is a bar there.
  • Ak-Chin Pavilion, section: 102, rangée: D, siège: 5
    Charlie Puth tour: Voicenotes Tour
    Great seats, better look at the view from these seats!
  • Ak-Chin Pavilion, section: 102, rangée: D, siège: 5
    Charlie Puth tour: Voicenotes Tour
    Great seats! Would highly recommend them. Had short people in front of me, and the slight incline helps. Was able to see full view.
  • Wynn Theatre, section: B, rangée: E, siège: 15
    Le Reve
    Great seats! Dont get first couple rows or you'll be looking up most of the time.

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  • T-Mobile Arena, section: 222, rangée: D, siège: 18
    Panic! At The Disco tour: Pray For The Wicked Tour
    Not bad seats with full view of stage as long as you don't care about having a great view of the artists as they are tiny from here.
  • Tropicana Theater, rangée: I, siège: 1
    Good view of everything, but since some of the magic is close magic it may be better to sit a little closer. They are strict about photos here, had to sneak this one.
  • Zappos Theater, section: 102, rangée: E, siège: 7
    Lionel Richie tour: All The Hits Tour
    Better idea of what the view is actually like. Not bad seats at all. Everyone sat except when Lionel told us to stand and I could still see when everyone stood and I'm short.
  • Zappos Theater, section: 102, rangée: E, siège: 7
    Lionel Richie tour: All The Hits Tour
    Great seats and view
  • Windows At Bally's, section: TBL18, rangée: T18, siège: 1
    Wayne Newton tour: Wayne Newton: Up Close & Personal
    Every seat in this showroom is good, very intimate venue. Wayne was awesome!
  • MGM Grand Garden Arena, section: 216, rangée: J
    Shania Twain tour: NOW Tour
    Better view than sitting in the back and it was cool to see behind the scenes, but shania looked like an ant cause you are so far away. Would never sit this far away again for an artist I really wanted to see.

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  • The Joint at Hard Rock Las Vegas, section: 101, rangée: Q
    Brian McKnight
    Not bad seats, big screens really help. Everyone was sitting for this concert so you could see Brian the whole time. Would not sit this far back if it was standing room.
  • PHX Arena, section: Floor B, rangée: 1, siège: 2
    Shania Twain tour: NOW Tour
    Awesome seats, no experience like front row seats, just bring some ear plugs.
  • PHX Arena, section: Floor B, rangée: 1, siège: 3
    Shania Twain tour: NOW Tour
    Best concert ever and best seats! I've sat 3rd row and 6th row for this same concert in other cities, and let me tell you, huge difference between front row and 3rd row. Highly recommend splurging on front row if you are a big fan!
  • House Of Blues - Las Vegas, section: GA
    Karla Perez tour: Tribute To Selena
    Every seat in the house is good. We got there late and had an unobstructed view. You can upgrade to a table if you spend at least $50.
  • Rio Showroom, section: BTH5, rangée: B5, siège: 1
    Excellent seats, definitely try and gets seats near the center for this show. Fun show!
  • PHX Arena, section: 101, rangée: 10, siège: 5
    Tim McGraw & Faith Hill tour: Soul2Soul Tour
    Excellent concert and good seats. You see a lot of the side of the performer though just an fyi.
  • Cashman Field, section: 8, rangée: L
    Las Vegas 51s vs Nashville Sounds
    Great seats, just be careful for fly balls. I'd recommend bringing cushions as they are bleacher seats.
  • PHX Arena, section: 103, rangée: 19, siège: 10
    Phoenix Mercury vs Las Vegas Aces
    Great seats. Image appears a lot further than what the actual view is.
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