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  • Encore Theatre At Wynn, section: ORCHC, rangée: U, siège: 117
    Tom Papa Family Reunion Tour
    Excellent seats, no problems seeing and they are very centered seats. No one behind you as it is the production booth. Would sit here again.
  • Atrium Showroom, section: Sec2, rangée: J, siège: 21
    Carrot Top
    Great seats with a great view. I've sat in Sec4 for Careot Top and it is too far. These are definitely great seats.
  • Encore Theatre At Wynn, section: ORCHL, rangée: R, siège: 21
    Demetri Martin Comedy Show
    Good seats, could see everything well including his white pad with pics drawn. If I was a huge fan of someone definitely would sit a little closer to see details a bit better.
  • Allegiant Stadium, section: 346, rangée: 10, siège: 15
    Garth Brooks tour: 2021 Stadium Series
    What pics came out with 10X zoom on the new Samsung phone camera.
  • Allegiant Stadium, section: 346, rangée: 10, siège: 17
    Garth Brooks tour: 2021 Stadium Series
    Garth mainly faced the other direction. What's the point of having a stage in the round if you are hardly going to the other side. Unfortunately we were on the back side. 1 star to Garth for that.
  • Allegiant Stadium, section: 346, rangée: 10, siège: 16
    Garth Brooks tour: 2021 Stadium Series
    Seats aren't bad, very steep decline. Garth was like a dot. Section is very convenient as you are right next to the main escalators going down so easy access getting there and leaving. Close to Pizza Rock for food.

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  • Brad Garrett's Comedy Club, section: Zone 1, rangée: 3
    Brad Garrett's Comedy Club Inside MGM Grand
    Not a bad seat I'm the house. Don't sit front row unless you want to be a part of the show when Brad is there. Brad definitely makes the venue.
  • Orleans Arena, section: 111, rangée: D, siège: 10
    Great seats, Big 3 Basketball.
  • Orleans Arena, section: 113, rangée: P, siège: 1
    All the seats in this arena seem to be good. Smaller venue
  • Las Vegas Ballpark, section: 111, rangée: P, siège: 14
    Las Vegas Aviators
    Horrible. A fast ball broke through the protective netting and came a centimeter away from hitting myself/child and the lady in front of me and her child. Yes we were paying attention but this facility puts cheap netting up that easily breaks. It is hazardous to sit in this area. Never again. So grateful no one got hurt.
  • Encore Theatre At Wynn, section: ORCHL, rangée: M, siège: 25
    Brad Paisley tour: Acoustic Storyteller
    Great seats, they are to the far left but could see really well. No one was standing during the show so anything in lower level seemed like a good seat
  • Sam Boyd Stadium, section: 320, rangée: 45, siège: 25
    Monster Jam
    Not bad seats, don't know it I'd want to sit much closer with all the dust and dirt

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  • Las Vegas Ballpark, section: 111, rangée: P, siège: 13
    Las Vegas Aviators vs Tacoma Rainiers
    Excellent seats. At noon, this is the first row that is fully shaded.
  • MGM Grand Garden Arena, section: 9, rangée: 8, siège: 8
    PBR Las Vegas Invitational
    Great seats
  • Las Vegas Ballpark, section: 111, rangée: T, siège: 6
    Las Vegas Aviators vs Reno Aces
    These seats are almost dead center. Nice and shaded even in the afternoon.
  • Zappos Theater, section: 102, rangée: A, siège: 16
    Florida Georgia Line
    Excellent seats. Plenty of leg room and had no problem seeing the entire time. If you don't want the PIT and you don't want to pay for VIP this is the next best seat in the house.
  • Zappos Theater, section: VIP5, rangée: A, siège: 1
    Christina Aguilera tour: The XPerience
    Excellent seats with a great view. If you don't like standing in thr PIT these are the next best view and you get table service and a comfortable seat.
  • Zappos Theater, section: Gold Circle Center, rangée: B, siège: 10
    Shania Twain tour: Let's Go!
    Amazing show, amazing seats. These are very centered. So close to the stage!
  • Pearl Theater, section: Box 311, rangée: C, siège: 3
    Il Divo tour: Timeless Tour
    Can't see full stage and screen in the back. Big screens block part of view of stage
  • Broadway Theatre - 53rd Street, section: Rear Mezzanine LC, rangée: 101-114
    King Kong
    Good seats, not great. Depends who sits in front of you. We had 3 seats and one seat had an obstructed view the whole time because a tall person was sitting two rows in front of us. Luck of the draw sitting back here but if you don't have a tall person than the view is pretty good.
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