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Baseball Roadtrips 2021 - Nine Vacations from June - September

June Trips - 3 Trip with 11 MLB and 4 MiLB Ballparks

Fun In The Sun

June 10th - June 13th

The Fun in the Sun trip runs from June 10-13th, has a total drive time of 6.5 hours, and take you through two states.

It starts with a 12:35 businessperson’s special at PNC Park and then proceeds to Progressive Field. After the Indian’s 7:10 game against the Mariners the trip becomes a choose your own adventure for a day. The next day on the 12th you could stop at the Wyandot Popcorn Museum, and Dayton for a Dragon’s night game or drive 4 hours straight through to Cincinnati; for our final stop, the Reds’ 1:10 game at Great American Ball Park.

Travel Details:

4 Nights

PNC Park, Progressive Field, Day Air Ball, Great American Ball Park


Wyandot Popcorn Museum


June 10th - 13th

Day 1 - PNC Park

June 10th, 12:35pm - Pirates vs Dodgers

We're recommending Guzzista's great above home plate view because PNC Park has one of the most remarkable skyline backdrops in all of baseball, and the seat will be in the shade for the Pirates' 12:35 game, on 6-14, against the Dodgers.

~Guzzista sec 314 row F seat 9

Day 2 - Progressive Field

June 11th, 7:10pm - Indians vs Mairners

~dhlaroche sec 107 row Q seat 8

Driving from PNC Park to Progressive Field, 132 miles

After a short 2 & a half hour drive north to Cleveland we have our next game in our Fun in the Sun baseball weekend.

The Indians are hosting the Mariners on Friday and dhlaroche's center field spot seemed perfect for relaxing and enjoying the game.

Travel Notes

Via I-76 W and I-80 W

Day 3 - Side Trip, Dragons

June 12th: 3 Options to Get to Cincinnati from Cleveland

Trip 1

Drive from Progressive Field to the Wyandot Popcorn Museum, to Day Air Ballpark to Great American Ballpark, 260 miles total

Trip 2

Drive from Progressive Field to Great American Ballpark, 206 miles total

  1. Drive straight for 3.45 drive along 71
  2. Drive 2 hrs to Wyandot Popcorn Museum then 2 hrs to Dayton, stay the night, catch the Dragons game, then drive an hour on the 13th to Cincinnati.
  3. A combination of the above

Day 4 - Great American Ballpark

June 13th, 1:10pm - Reds vs Rockies

On June 13th be sure to bring sunscreen, a ballcap, & water (sealed plastic bottles of non-alcoholic drinks are allowed at GABP) to full enjoy the Reds' first pitch at 1:10; from Radiobrewster's sunny spot behind their dugout along the 1st base line.

Travel Notes

Even with the side trips you'll be on I-71S for about 250 miles

~Radiobrewster sec 130 row J seat 14

The Empire Builder

June 9th - 14th

For those further north west the Empire Builder baseball weekend is for you. Named for the train route that has facilitated rail travel between these cities since 1929.

This trip’s first game is on June 9th, at CHS field, home of the Twins new AAA team, the St. Paul Saints. Then on the 10th it’s across the Mississippi River for the Twins’ 7:10 match

The 11th is a driving day. You’ll have a scenic 5 hour dive along 94 -> 90 towards Milwaukee. there are two diversions for the 11th; you could stop at Crystal Caverns outside of Minneapolis to enjoy some stalactites and/or catch a Lakeshore Chinooks’ 6:35 game at Kapco Park, about 45 minute north of Milwaukee.

Then on the 12th is your Brewers’ game, they’ll be facing the Pirates at 310. We recommend that after the game you roll an hour and half down the west side of Lake Michigan to Chicago because the cubs are taking the field at 1:20, on the 13th. Enjoy the 14th in Chicago (if you haven’t taken a Chicago Architecture River Cruise yet you should, it’s great), as the final game of the trip is the Whitesox’s 7:10 against the Rays.

Travel Details:

6 Nights

CHS Park, Target Field, Kapco Park, American Family Field, Wrigley Field, Guaranteed Rate Field


Crystal Cave, Chicago Architecture River Cruise


June 9th - 24th

Day 1 - CHS Field

June 9th, 7:05 - Saints vs Storm Chasers

~gotsum sec 108 row 19 seat 22

It's exciting that the St. Paul Saints, who have been just across the Mississippi River since ’93, have been brought in as the Twins' new AAA team.

At CHS Field your behind homeplate view is all business, look at those trees, while from the outfield it's all party with a great view of the St. Paul skyline.

Day 2 - Target Field

June 10th, 7:10pm - Twins vs Yankees

~lisawheatlysec 304 row 14 seat 24

Driving from CHS Field to Target Field, 13 miles

The second game starts at 7:10 with the Yankees batting first.

We like lisawheatley's 1st base line view because of the lovely sunset & if the Twins called someone up, you saw yesterday in St. Paul, he'd be hanging out of the closest dugout on the left.

Day 3 - Side Trip, Chinooks

June 11th: 2 Options to Get from Minneapolis to Milwuakee

Trip 1

Drive from Minneapolis to Mequon, 354 miles.

Trip 2

Drive from Minneapolis to Spring Valley to Milwuakee, 348 miles.

  1. Drive, Friday, 5hrs along 94 for another Brewers game
  2. Roll 30 minutes up 43 to Kapco Park and catch a Lakeshore Chinooks 6:35 game
  3. Roll an hour outside of Minneapolis to check out the stalactites at Crystal Cave, then head to Milwaukee and possibly still have time for the Chinooks game

Day 4 - American Family Field

June 12th, 3:10pm - Brewers vs Pirates

Drive from Mequon to Milwaukee, 19 miles.

Next up is the Brewers' 3:10 Saturday game against the Pirates.

Picked Allibally's great seat because it's in the shade when the roof is open, it has extra leg room, & a great view of Milwaukee's dugout on the right.

Though miss the Miller Park sign.

~allibally sec 216 row 1 seat 11

Day 5 - Wrigley Field

June 13th, 1:20pm - Cubs vs Cardinals

~DAVID S. GROVE sec 220 row 6 seat 4

Drive from Milwuakee to Chicago, 90 miles

The trip's last city is a 2 hour drive down Lake Michigan's west shore.

We like davidgrove's exciting behind homeplate view for the Cubs' June 13th, 1:20, game. To the left of this shady seat will be the Cardinals' away dugout & to the right is Chicago's.

Travel Notes

Via I-94E for about 2 hours

Day 6 - Guaranteed Rate Field

June 14th, 7:10pm - White Sox vs Rays

~artoo840 sec 157 row 15 seat 11

Drive from Wrigley to Guaranteed Rate, 11 miles

The White Sox's June 13th game against the Rays is the last game of our Empire Builder road trip.

We're thinking artoo840's "great seat", "8 rows behind the Sox bullpen", will be a perfect spot to relax behind left field & maybe get a home run ball.

I-10 adventure

June 21st - 25th

For those in the southwest your trip is the I-10 adventures. It's about getting as much baseball and landscape in as possible. It's tailored for you to spend a few days at Joshua Tree national park while also catching four, maybe five, baseball games in Southern California and Phoenix. We recommend that you decide which Diamondbacks’ game to go to based on how much time you’d like to spend basking in the majesty of desert.

The Southern California portion of the trip starts with the Angels’s game on the 23rd and it’s a five hour straight drive from Phoenix to LA. So if you’d like to spend the afternoon at Joshua Tree, catch Arizona’s game on the 21st and stop off at the National park for a couple of hours to break the drive up. If you’d like to spend all day and a night at Joshua Tree, catch Arizona’s 1:10 on June 20th. Once in Los Angeles the Angels’ and Dodgers’ games are set in stone because the Dodgers aren't at home the day before and the Angels aren't the day after. So it’s off to Angel Stadium on June 23rd and Dodger Stadium, with a new outfield pavilion, on June 24th. After this you’ll have a scenic 2 hr drive down I-5 for the Padres’ game on the 25th. On your way back (it’s 355 miles) to Phoenix we recommend taking I-8 and visiting Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

There are a couple of alternatives If you’d like to start with Kofa, catch Arizona on the 19th, drive the 20th & 21st, check out the Padres on the 22nd, then roll to LA for the same games as above, and on the way back take 10 for Joshua Tree. The other alternative is starting in LA, though that schedule is early in the month; it runs from June 16th - 20th. Essentially it’s Dodgers on the 16th, Angels on the 17th, Padres the 18th, the 19th is a driving day, and the Diamondbacks are on the 20th.

Travel Details:

Los Angeles
5 Nights

Dodger Stadium, Angels Stadium, Petco Park, San Manuel, Chase Field


Joshua Tree National Park, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge


June 21st - 25th

Day 1 - Chase Field

June 20th or 21st, 6:40 - Diamondbacks vs Brewers

~Caav42 sec 214 row 3 seat 4

It's exciting that the St. Paul Saints, who have been just across the Mississippi River since ’93, have been brought in as the Twins' new AAA team.

At CHS Field your behind homeplate view is all business, look at those trees, while from the outfield it's all party with a great view of the St. Paul skyline.

Day 2 - Side Trip, Inland Empire 66ers

June 21st Joshua Tree, June 22nd Inland Empire Game

It's time to take I-10W towards LA stopping at Joshua Tree & the 66ers' Taco Tuesday 7:05 game, against Stockton, on the 22nd.

Joshua Tree is about 4 1/2 hours from Phoenix & will be around 100°. Be sure to pack lots of water to enjoy the desert's majesty & opulence safely.

Driving from Chase Field to Joshua Tree to San Bernardino, 322 miles

Day 3 - Angel Stadium

June 23rd, 1:07pm - Angels vs Giants

~rwscull sec P238 row C seat 25

Driving from San Bernardino to Anaheim, 57 miles

Next up is the Angels' 1:10 intra-league against the Giants. So break out your sunscreen, lather up, and enjoy rwscull's awesome center-field seat that will be behind Mike Trout in the top of the innings.

Day 4 - Dodger Stadium

June 24th, 7:10pm - Dodgers vs Cubs

Drive from Anaheim to Los Angeles, 31 miles.

After spending an enjoyable day in LA, it's off to Dodger Stadium to roam around their new outfield pavilion before their 7:10 game against the Cubs.

Thought it'd be fun to sit in cmfjon's terrific close-to-the-action spot behind the Dodgers' dugout.

~cmfdodger sec 27FD row E seat 1

Day 5 - PETCO Park

June 25th, 7:10pm - Padres vs Diamondbacks

~DJCarlsbad sec 104 row 8 seat 6

Drive from Dodger Stadium & PETCO Park, 123 miles

After a two hour drive down I-5S we're upon our final stop, San Diego.

And from DJCarlsbad's "Awesome seat" you'll be able to call the Padres' first pitch, at 7:10, to the Dbacks (Wonder they'll have the same line-up as before?), a ball or strike.

Alternative I-10 Adventure Baseball Road Trip:

  1. June 16th Dodger Stadium
  2. 17th Angel Stadium
  3. 18th Petco Park
  4. 19th Drive 5 hours along I-8 to Phoenix; maybe stop at the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, or catch Rick Springfield and Chicago at Ak-Chin Pavilion
  5. 20th Chase Field