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Baseball Roadtrips 2021 - Nine Vacations from June - September

August’s Outings - 2 trips, 6 Major + 3 Minor league Ballparks

I-70 Adventure

August 16th - August 21st

This trip has it all vast mountains, great plains, and the large river bluffs making it one of the quintessential American road trips. Beyond the majestic scenery I-70 has to offer, you’ll have great views at the ballparks, and we found a couple of other stops along the way that’ll be fun to see.

The baseball portion of the trip starts with a Rockies’ game on August 16th at 6:40, then proceeds to Kansas City for the Royals' 1:10 game, the following Thursday, and you finish up in St Louis with the Cardinals’ Friday, August 12th, 7:15, game.

The total 12 hours drive time is split up with two days, the 17th and 18th, allotted to drive from the 8 1/2 hours, along I-70, from Denver to Kansas City, then the four hours form Kansas City to St Louis is done on a game day. The first night's stop in Hayes, Kansas (the half-way city) with a stop in Topeka the second night. Our side trips include a leisurely stop at the Fick Fossil Museum on the 17th, then in the morning of the 18th detour slightly to Carver City for the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, then finish the day in Toledo at the Evel Knievel Museum.

Travel Details:

St. Louis

4 or 5 Nights


Coors Field, Kauffman Stadium, Busch Stadium


Fick Fossil Museum, World’s Largest Ball of Twine, Evel Knievel Museum


August 16th - 20th

Day 1 - Coors Field

Augus 16th, 6:40pm - Rockies vs Padres

kaylee776's great upper level seat will be a perfect start to this road trip.

When the Rockies throw out the first pitch at 6:40 you'll have a lovely view of the Rocky Mountians, before the "Amazing sunset views", & Padres' dugout on your left.

~kaylee776 sec U327 row 11 seat 15

Day 2 & 3 - Non-baseball stops for the 17th & 18th:

Total Drive Time - 9hrs

The 17th and 18th are about enjoying the Great Plains while driving along I-70 from Denver to Topeka.

Before stopping in Hays (the half-way city) check out The Fick Fossil Museum, in Oakley.

Then on the morning of the 18th jaunt on over to The Worlds Largest Ball of Twine, in Carver City, before making the 3 hour drive to Topeka and The Evel Knievel Museum

Driving from Coors Field to Oakley to Cawker City to Topeka 581 miles

Day 4 - Kauffman Stadium

August 19th, 1:10pm - Royals vs Astros

~wilkyway18 sec 311 row E seat 9

Driving from the Evel Knievel Museum to Kauffman Stadium, 70 miles

After a quick hour drive from Topeka it's time to find your sunscreen and ballcap for KC's Thursday, 1:10 game on the 19th.

We recommend wilkyway18's sunny behind home plate seat, that has the Astros' away bench on the left and the Royals on the right.

Day 5 - Busch Stadium

August 20th, 7:15pm - Cardinals vs Piratess

~barryleathem sec 150 row 15 seat 13

Driving from Kauffman Stadium to Busch Stadium, 241 miles

Get up early on the 20th, or leave after the Royals' game, and head 4 hours east to St Louis.

We think the perfect final view, of the road trip, would be barryleathem's "Stellar view" of the Gateway Arch, with the Pirates' away dugout on the left, & the Cardinals' on the right.

Alternative I-70 Adventure Baseball Road Trip:

Make the trip a day shorter: Catch the Rockies on teh 16th, drive 9 hours from Denver to KC on the 17th, then catch the Royals on the 18th, & the Cards on the 19th.

Do the trip in reverse: Start with the Card game on the 17th, then roll to KC on the 18th, drive the 19th and/or the 20th, and end with the Rockies on the 20th or 21st.

Coast Starlight

August 26th - 30th

The Coast Starlight was the first train line to offer continuous service from Seattle to Los Angeles and one of the original Amtrak lines, started in 1971, that’s still in service today.

This trip has the least amount of wiggle room, which sucks because you will pass by or through at least nine national forests during the two day, 13 1/2 hours drive, down I-5.

Here’s a quick leg-stretch stop I found for the first day’s drive. Stop in Brownsvilles, Oregon (1.5 hours south of portland) and do a walking trail of the all-around exceptional classic “Stand By Me” set locations.

On the second day you could stop and hike around Mt. Shasta, 4 hours north of SF, and relax for the night before heading to Oakland the next day.

Travel Details:

San Francisco

5 nights


T-Mobile Field, Oracle Park, Oakland Coliseum


Historic Brownsville

Mt. Shasta


August 26th - 30th

Day 1 - T-Mobile Park

August 26th, 7:10 - Mariners vs Royals

~rMutt sec 131 row 18 seat 8

The baseball weekend starts with the Mariners' 7:10 game against the Royals on August 26th.

Not only do we like rMutt's exciting behind homeplate view, with Seattle's dugout to the right, but also all the fans celebrating Ichiro Suzuki's storied career.

Day 2 & 3 - Side Trip, Brownsville, Or and Mt. Shasta

Drive split in two days 12.5 hours

We're dividing the 808 mile drive from Seattle to SF into two days of about 6.5 hours on the road.

Day One, see Historic Brownsville and the "Stand By Me" walking tour.

Day Two, hike Mt. Shasta.

Driving from T-Mobile Park to Brownsville to Mt. Shasta to Oakland Coliseum 817 miles

Day 4 - Oakland Coliseum

August 29th, 1:07pm - A's vs Yankees

Looks like Oakland has an average high of 74°F around Labor Day.

So for our Athletics' Sunday 1:10 game, against the Yankees, on Aug 29th do we go for shade or not?

If you want the former RROCKET tagged their awesome behind homeplate seat as being thus.

~BadAndy0015 sec Club Suite 38 row 1 seat 3

Day 5 - Oracle Park

August 30th, 6:45pm - Giants vs Brewers

~pandakrushersec VR315 row 15 seat 18

Driving from Oakland Coliseum to Oracle Park, 16 miles

It's around 60 at night, so bring a hoodie for the Coast Starlight roadtrip's final stop.

Because of Oracle Park's lovely view of the bay and McCovey Cove we picked pandakrusher's above home plate spot for the Giants' Aug 30th game against the Brewers.