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  • Carnegie Hall, section: Box 15, rangée: T12, siège: 4
    Bjork tour: Vulnicura
    Great box seats!
  • anonyme vue de la place 1 étoiles concert
    Chase Center, section: 105, rangée: 1, siège: 4
    Bjork tour: Cornucopia Tour
    These seats were sold as front row seats…as you can see they put a glass partition up like that makes them them front row. Total crap
  • Chase Center, section: Floor 6, rangée: 4, siège: 3
    Bjork tour: Cornucopia Tour
    Great seat aside from the constant movement front when people in front of me. But when I could see her, it was great!
  • anonyme vue de la place 3 étoiles concert
    Shrine Auditorium, section: Orchestra Center Left, rangée: 30, siège: 29
    Björk tour: Cornucopia Tour
    Great view, but it was constantly obstructed by people getting up and walking through the aisle. There was also very little legroom, which meant that when someone needed to leave, everyone seated next to them had to get up and let them through.
  • anonyme vue de la place 5 étoiles concert
    Chase Center, section: 104, rangée: 6, siège: 10
    Björk tour: Cornucopia Tour
    Comfortable seats. Great view of stage. Seat is pretty much dead center in the row.
  • Shrine Auditorium, section: Mezz Right, rangée: 7, siège: 84
    Bjork tour: Cornucopia Tour

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  • anonyme
    Kings Theatre (Brooklyn), section: 8, rangée: GG, siège: 34
    Bjork tour: Vulnicura Tour