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Guide de ville pour Eden, North Carolina
Fun things to do in Eden, North Carolina.

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Angelo's Pizza Pub

Angelo's Pizza Pub note de 4.5 étoiles

By far the best pizza place in Eden. Great atmosphere and the staff are the best. I've been going for years and I try and go at least once a month. It tops...
King's Inn Pizza Parlor

King's Inn Pizza Parlor note de 4 étoiles

As good as it gets!!! I'm more partial to joints like King's Inn, Elizabeth's and the late, great, Pizza Station over the slicker Papa Johns, Domino's,...
Circle Drive In

Circle Drive In note de 4 étoiles

The real deal - old skool drive-in restaurant complete with wait staff coming to your car. I ate here a few times this past weekend while traveling to Eden...

Biscuitville note de 4 étoiles

Breakfast & Brunch
Last week a biscuit changed my life. #dramatic I'm normally in this area because of family and as tradition, on the way home, we normally stop for a...

Hardee's note de 4 étoiles

Fast Food
Food is always delicious!!Love, Love, Love the COD FISH sandwich!!!! PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT AWAY!!!!! Enjoy the Chicken Tenders!!, My Husband likes the...
Stella's Pizza

Stella's Pizza note de 4 étoiles

Italian, Pizza
The food is great, but the price is way too high for my liking. I'd understand if the food was the best in town, but honestly, it tastes about the same...
The Fisherman's Galley

The Fisherman's Galley note de 3.5 étoiles

The food is great. Fast but friendly service. The atmosphere is friendly. We definitely will be back