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  • Hayes Theater, section: Orch, rangée: G, siège: 10
    Torch Song
  • Hayes Theater, section: Right Mezz, rangée: H, siège: 2
    Torch Song
    Small theatre so most seats are good. Column to the left that is not obtrusive at all.
  • Hayes Theater, section: Orchestra, rangée: N, siège: 2
    Torch Song
    Wonderful seat! Can see the entire stage clearly. Seats cramped though. Sat on an aisle seat so was able to stretch it legs.
  • Hayes Theater, section: Center Orchestra, rangée: L, siège: 101
    Torch Song
    If you are tall, leg room may be an issue...
  • Hayes Theater, section: ORCHO, rangée: L, siège: 5
    Torch Song
    Seats were kind of cramped