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  • American Airlines Theatre, section: Orch, rangée: O, siège: 115
  • anonyme
    vue de la place 3 étoiles theater
    AMERICAN AIRLINES THEATRE, section: REAR MEZZANINE, rangée: G, siège: 120
    Last row on the aisle. Great view of the set. Actors look small but could see some facial expressions with my distance glasses on. Suggest binoculars for close up view of faces and costumes. Sound was fine.
  • American Airlines Theatre, section: Orchestra center, rangée: O, siège: 112
    3 in from aisle, last row. Still good viewing, easy to leave at end of show. Seats are old, battered and narrow. Still very decent for the play
  • American Airlines Theatre, section: Orchestra, rangée: A, siège: 113
    A bit too close to the stage
  • American Airlines Theatre, section: Mezz, rangée: D, siège: 104
    Digital rush