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  • Wells Fargo Center, section: 113, rangée: 2, siège: 14
    Jeff Lynne's ELO tour: Jeff Lynne's ELO 2019 Tour
    Great seat if you're standing. Otherwise these are folding chairs in the penalty box that slant downwards and are terrible for your back.
  • Citi Field, section: 327, rangée: 1, siège: 18
    New York Mets vs Atlanta Braves
    Excelsior Tickets - Front row, railing in front, better cup holders.
  • The Mann, section: 200, rangée: H, siège: 201
    The National tour: I Am Easy to Find Tour
  • Criterion Theatre, section: Stalls, rangée: J, siège: 17
    The Comedy About a Bank Robbery
    One of the clear view seats
  • The London Palladium, section: Stalls, rangée: P, siège: 8
    Howard Jones tour: Transform
    Decent orchestra seats, but seat kind of leans to the right due to the floor formation.
  • Union Transfer, section: BALC, rangée: GA
    The National tour: A Special Evening With The National
    Against the right railing up top.

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  • The Met Philadelphia, section: ORCH2, rangée: CC, siège: 13
    DCappella tour: 2019 World Tour
    1 Seat From the Aisle
  • Merriam Theater, section: BALC, rangée: F, siège: 106
    The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
    Dead center in the balcony. Balcony seats are extremely small otherwise it would have been 5 stars.
  • The Met Philadelphia, section: GBOX14, rangée: A, siège: 1
    John Oliver tour: New Years Eve
    VIP Grand Saille Box Seats.
  • Union Transfer, section: GA Seating, rangée: Last Row, siège: 5 Seats From Cente
    Ólafur Arnalds tour: Ólafur Arnalds Live 2018
  • Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, section: 202, rangée: BB, siège: 6
    Jim Jefferies tour: The Night Talker Tour
    4 from the aisle
  • Radio City Music Hall, section: Orchestra 6, rangée: M, siège: 612
    Nine Inch Nails tour: Cold and Black and Infinite North American 2018

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  • Wells Fargo Center, section: Club Box 4 (CB4), rangée: 6, siège: 17
    Gorillaz tour: The Now Now Tour
    Great box seats.
  • Tower Theater, section: Left Orchestra, rangée: JJ, siège: 8
    Death Cab For Cutie tour: Thank You For Today Tour
    Fold out chairs in the GA area. 2 off from the aisle. Note that the GA floor is slanted towards the stage.
  • Wells Fargo Center, section: 111, rangée: 20, siège: 12
    Phil Collins tour: Not Dead Yet Tour
    Great seats. 1 off the aisle.
  • Santander Performing Arts Center, section: OrchC, rangée: M, siège: 102
    Jo Koy tour: Break the Mold Tour
    It’s a small theater without a bad seat in the house.
  • Wells Fargo Center, section: 113, rangée: 3, siège: 7
    Jeff Lynne's ELO
    Friday - August 24, 2018
  • Palace Theatre (Broadway), section: Orch, rangée: T, siège: 126
    Spongebob Squarepants The Musical
    Great seats for a broadway lottery win.
  • The Queen, section: GA Floor, rangée: Last Row in Front of t, siège: Center Aisle
    Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey
    Not a bad seat in this small venue.
  • Merriam Theater, section: Orch L, rangée: S, siège: 3
    Erasure tour: World Be Gone Tour
    1 seat off the aisle
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