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Type d'évènement: tousconcertshow on icethéâtre
  • Dominion Theatre, section: Stalls, rangée: X, siège: 45
    Bat Out Of Hell
    Too far back. Once the person in front sat down it blocked out the middle of the stage
  • The O2 Arena, section: 101, rangée: T, siège: 23
    Iron Maiden tour: The Book Of Souls World Tour
    Good view but more towards the top of level one
  • The O2 Arena, section: 101, rangée: K, siège: 14
    Avenged Sevenfold tour: The Stage World Tour
    Fantastic view. We felt so close
  • The O2 Arena, section: 101, rangée: Z, siège: 16
    Micky Flanagan tour: An Another Fing
    A bit high up for my liking but still a great view
  • The O2 Arena, section: D1, rangée: B, siège: 20
    Disney On Ice: Passport to Adventure
    Great floor seat. central view.
  • The O2 Arena, section: 118, rangée: P, siège: 530
    Queen With Adam Lambert
    Brilliant side view of the stage