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Fun things to do in Tokyo, Japan.

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石かわ note de 5 étoiles

This restaurant is what should come to your mind when you think of culinary excellence. I have never experienced such impeccable service and doubt any...

No.4 note de 5 étoiles

Pizza, Cafes, Sandwiches
This place is part of the same group that runs TY Harbor in Tennouzu Isle. Not a huge place but it's cozy and it's good to gather around maybe with a group...

すし匠 note de 5 étoiles

This was my favorite lunch meal in Japan. The chirashi was so perfectly pieced together, and every bite was so flavorful. We didn't make a reservation and...

魚金二号店 note de 5 étoiles

Seafood, Izakaya
Great food, staff only speaks Japanese, only one waiter spoke Chinese(Mandarin). No English! I would have been sh*t out of luck if it wasn't for my...

蘭奢待 note de 5 étoiles

Pollería, Yakitori
This is surely one of the few truly awesome Yakitori restaurants in central Tokyo -- They once won one star in the the Michelin Guide. There's only one...

青山えさき note de 5 étoiles

Reasonably priced, modestly laid out, and with completely creative and tasty food, Aoyama Esaki was a lovely surprise among Tokyo's 3-star restaurants....

量平寿司 note de 5 étoiles

Sushi Bars
Excellent! The review from Jason caught my eye and glad I kept trying to find this 2nd floor restaurant among the many along the side street. The friendly...